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When seconds count...
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Our mission is to change the way patient care is handled.
Patient check in should be fast; Doctors should not be trying to treat with only partial information; Patients should get the highest level of care.

​There are a lot of things medical care should be, and we aim to make it happen, all at no cost to patients, no cost to doctors, and no cost to hospitals.
Quick Response Lifescan LLC is a company that started as a simple emergency healthcare record product and over the last few years we have been seeing more areas where we felt we could improve things and have naturally grown into what we are today.
We have expanded into a national hie, health information exchange, service for all healthcare providers.
We can provide an extensive health care record complete with images and test results.
We can operate between any participating healthcare provider regardless of who manages their records.
The best part of our service is it is free to all medical professionals, and consumers there is no free trial, our service is free forever. In a country where medical costs are through the roof an added cost is not needed.
Hospitals should not have to pay to help save lives. When seconds count, the QRLife System is there to help.​​

The stacks of paperwork needs to stop, Information needs to be usable.
Large Stack of Papers
Tired of the forms, the repetition, the waste?
QuickResponse Lifescan LLC uses a proprietary system to assign a Unique and Secure QRLifeID. This becomes the only identifier used by the medical community. By using one common code to find you, hospitals and doctors save time and therefore money.
Having all the hospitals and doctors connected and communicating through our software will help in all of the following areas:
Complete Medical Records
Instant Availability Anywhere
  • Doctor Shopping
  • Repeat Testing
  • Medical Errors
  • Presciption Errors
  • Quicker and More Accurate Diagnosis
  • Intelligent Patient Location
  • Patient Communication
  • Patient Education
  • Works with all medical fields
    ​​Even Dental and Vision

Secure! No information is stored... EVER!
Affordable, Saves money.
It's 2017:
​Lets act like it

​We have more technology at our dispo​sal than ever, and we are still wasting time and energy doing things the old way. Let's take a leap into the future. Join us on this adventure, wont you?​​​
Our Team
Photo of Richard Dellarciprete
Richard Dellarciprete
Richard has over 20 years in retail experience as a manufacturer’s representative, having managed a nationwide field force of over 200 representatives with over $100 million in annual sales.
Richard has been responsible for development of many successful sales  initiatives for his clients that resulted in unprecedented  growth and development nationwide.

As a frequent user of healthcare services for many years and receiving his care from many different healthcare organizations, it was then that Richard came up with the overall idea and original development of the pre-hospital care Lifescan product. Seeking other industry experts to assist him, Richard’s dream is to now make QRLifescan the house hold name synonymous with saving lives, eliminating waste and making healthcare less expensing for all.

Photo of Eric Wolotschaj

Eric Wolotschaj

Eric has a background consisting of over 26 years of business ownership, sales, sales management, human resources, customer services and operations/facility management.
In these positions, Eric was responsible for profit and loss; accounts payable and accounts receivable; hiring, training, motivating and when necessary termination; designing and implementing successful sales and marketing plans, policies and procedures that led to a minimum of 3% sales growth year over; streamlining operations resulting in an increase of revenue and the bottom line.
Photo of Matthew C. Donahue

​General Counsel

Matthew is responsible for the overall legal and business matters of QRLifescan.
Matthew a partner in the firm of Eno, Martin & Donahue, LLP.  He focuses on business law, with a focus on litigation and start up formation, environmental, government relations and land use and employment law. Matthew is a former assistant district attorney in Middlesex County and former Lowell City Councilor.  Matthew earned his BA from Colby College, his J.D. from Suffolk University, and he had earned a Master’s degree in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School.
Photo of Robert D. Carson

Robert D. Carson, Jr., Ret Lt Colonel
Chief Development & Strategy Officer

For 27 years, Bob was a member of the leadership team running hospitals and headquarters in the New England Army Reserve Medical Command.  He has also been employed in various positions within the Business Community in operations, executive management, administration, marketing and sales, and Innovation (formerly R&D).  A student of Organizational Development, he specializes in creating and maintaining high performance teams.
Photo of Dr. Benyuan Liu

Dr. Benyuan Liu
Chief Development Officer

Dr. Liu and his team are responsible for the development and ongoing maintenance of the Lifescan Software Systems.
Dr. Liu and his team are responsible for the development and ongoing maintenance of the Lifescan Software Systems. Dr. Liu earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Science and Technology of China, his Master in physics from Yale University, his Master and Doctorate degrees in computer science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Dr. Liu is the director of the Computer Networking and Mobile Computing Laboratory at UMass Lowell where he has been on the faculty over 12 years and is now a full professor. He and his students have been contracted by Lifescan to complete the development and full implementation of the Lifescan System.

Photo of Michael Dellarciprete

Michael Dellarciprete
Chief Technical Officer

Michael is Lifescan’s Chief Technology Officer. As Lifescan’s CTO, he will be responsible for overseeing website development, database management, operations management systems, software development, hardware procurement, data center operations and security. He has developed much of the health information and medical platform we have grown on.
Photo of Dr. Anthony Eaton

Dr. Anthony Eaton
Chief Medical Office

Dr. Anthony Eaton was born in the ‘Gateway to the West’ city of Saint Louis Mo. He attended medical school at St. Louis School of Medicine. His clinical interest is Internal Medicine with a focus on preventative care. After medical school, he completed his residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in NY. He currently practices Internal Medicine as a solo practitioner in Methuen MA. His clinical interests are treatment of major preventable disorders, such as diabetes, obesity and addiction. Dr. Eaton also has an interest in utilizing information technology to enhance medical decision making. His personal interests are jazz saxophone, playing chess and investing.

Some Major Problem Areas

  1. Duplicate Testing
    “Studies show that one in five hospital radiology tests are duplicates. This wastes 20 billion dollars in health costs a year, which essentially comes directly out of our health insurance premiums.” - UNH By showing tests performed at any participating hospitals, and hopefully some day all, doctors will no longer need to order duplicate tests, this reduces costs to insurance providers.
  2. Lack Of Information
    “It's not just the 1,000 deaths per day that should be huge cause for alarm, noted Joanne Disch, RN, clinical professor at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing, who also spoke before Congress. There's also the 10,000 serious complications cases resulting from medical errors that occur each day. “ – Healthcare IT News By crawling the network of hospitals and merging their data into one profile is data aggregation and increases efficiency and accuracy for treatment.
  3. Affordability
    “People who are innovating like this really need to think about price points that are available for the masses, not just the well-off folks in Silicon Valley.” - Downs of Uber We cost less than a streaming service for entertainment, just $12/yr. And we are looking for the insurance providers to pay, not the people.
600 Suffolk St. Wannalancit Mills 2nd flr Lowell MA 01854 
(339) 223-1111
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